From left... back row..Curtis, Emmit, Alvin, Clifford, James

Front row...Delores, Blanche, Andrew, Gene, Lillian, Thelma



Andrew G. Tuff was born in Norway on April 17, 1883. for a time he lived at Milan MN., but as a very young man he went to Fort Sisseton where he broke horses for private parties from Minneapolis.

On May 23, 1916, he married Blanche Bailly, and they moved to Peever, where they raised their family.

He was a carpenter and worked with Pete (Paul) Nickstad building many of the houses in Peever in the early years. some of them were..the Jurgens house, Dr. Pearson's and the Andrew Halland house. He also helped build the Gerber School in Lawrence Township.

Later he was custodian of Peever Lutheran Church and the janitor of the school. He was also the town cop for some time.

In later years he and his sons did a lot of repair work on elevators in the area. Very often you would see him on the highest peak of an elevator. He had no fear of heights at all.

Andrew and Blanche had eight children, five sons: Clifford, Alvin, Emmet, James, and Gene. Clifford, Emmet, and James have passed away. ( At this writing, Gene has since died.) Alvin still lives in Peever.

The three daughters are Delores Barry of Moose Lake, MN.,Thelma Nielson of Sisseton and Lillian Erickson of Peever.

Andrew used to boast that his name was Andrew Tuff and he lived on Tuff Street. the further down the street you went the tougher they got, and he lived in the last house!

As he grew older he was a victim of arthritis and was not able to work so hard. He enjoyed television when it came into being and would go to Alvin and Lorraine's to see the baseball games until they got their own set.

Andrew died on March 26th, 1962 at the age of seventy nine.

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