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This book was published in 1999 by Pinehill Press for Char Jarman when she decided to write stories about the area of Roberts County in which she and her family lived.

The plot revolves around the life of Maggie Sinclair who took up the challenge to become a teacher in the newly formed town of Travare which was the first county seat.

There are actual historical facts woven into the plot along with the fictitious characters. The story relates part of the struggles with Travare, Wilmot and Sisseton over the possession of the county seat.

As Maggie decides to live permanently in Roberts County she eventually moves to Peever and there the story continues.

Price of either book is $10.00 shipping included.

You may email Char from the home page or write to her address at Box 293, Peever, SD 57257

Char's note...I am sorry but all my Maggie's are sold out so I will not be able to fill any more orders. There are plenty of the sequel "Abigail's Heritage" found on the next column. Thanks to all who bought this book. I really have enjoyed selling it. The book Abigail is a complete stand-alone story that you can read without feeling that you have missed something because of not reading Maggie.


In this sequel to "Maggie", the story of Peever continues. With present day happenings and characters and flashbacks to the past it combines fact and fantasy in a plot that we hope you will find interesting and informative.

As with "Maggie" any historical events are as close to actual fact as possible.

The characters and plot however, are fictitious.

Abigail is Maggie's descendant and she unknowingly buys her ancestor's country home and moves to the Peever area with her family.

Rosemarie Hanssen of rural Peever has done the art work on both books and the illustrations in "Abigail". Note the lovely colors she has used and her skill in painting the ghostly image of the children's ancestor, Angelina Roulliard.

To order this book email Char at or call 932-3598.

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