Charles Rodeen was born in Sweden December 20, 1849. He immigrated to the United States at the age of eleven in 1860, settling in Wisconsin. He married Christine Johnson in 1880 in Wisconsin. Christine had been born in that state September 3, 1857, but her parents had come to the US from Sweden.

Charles and Christine had six children, all born in South Dakota. They were: Mabel, born June 1882; Frank, born July 1885; Elmer, born February 1887; Ralph, born August 1892, William born July 1895; and Lloyd born August 1897.

They moved to Roberts County, South Dakota prior to 1894. In the fall of that year Charles and two other heads of families of the area convinced a local homesteader, who was a single man, to teach a school with six pupils. The school was conducted in the homes of three families, one week in each home for each pupil. Therefore, the Rodeen family had three weeks for Mabel, Frank and Elmer. The pupils and teacher lived in the home during the time school was held there. This was a private school and not supported by the county or district. It was the first school in Agency and Lawrence townships conducted in English.

It was a very sad day for the family and community of Peever when the Rodeen's young son Elmer, who was born February 28, 1887, drowned in the swimming hole south of town. This tragedy occurred on July 16, 1905.

Eventually Charles and Christine built a new house in Peever. It was on the southeast side where the Pond family later lived. Harold and Janet Fryer now have a house on those lots.

Charles Rodeen was also a charter member of the Peever Methodist Church that was built in Peever in 1905.

Christine died May 14, 1933 and Charles April 16, 1941. They are buried in the Peever cemetery.

Photo and information submitted by Richard Rodeen.