Andrew Halland, the son of Iver and Anna Halland, was born Sept. 22, 1883 in Leekanger, Sogn, Norway. He came to Bellingham, Minnesota on October 3, 1903. Mr. Halland attended Madison Normal School and worked in a store in that city. He taught parochial school. On October 10, 1906 he married Lizzie Morken of near Bellingham. In the year 1910 he moved his family to Peever, which was his home. Mr. Halland was one of the early settlers of the Peever Community and during the time of his residence here he owned a mercantile store for many years. He was a member of the Peever Lutheran Church for 45 years.

Halland's General Store had a large Christmas ad in one of the Peever Pilots with gift suggestions for the family. Example...For him: suspenders, necktie, warm hose, overshoes, mackinaw, silk handkerchief.

For her: Silk hose, kid gloves, goods for a new dress, dusting cap, a corset, a hockey cap.

They also had a full line of groceries and other miscellaneous items.

This store was located in what had been the Peever fire hall until the new center/fire hall was built in 2000. I judge the ads to be between the years of 1915 and 1918.

Char remembers as a little girl coming with her Dad with a crate of old hens to sell. They parked in the alley behind the store and Mr. Halland came out to get them.

According to townsfolk, the Halland Store closed before the 1950s.