Perhaps some of you are unaware of the close connection that Peever claims with it's Sister City of Henderson Minnesota.

It was unknown to us until we began to research the life and death of Tom Peever at the beginning of our centennial preparations. When we finally found Tom's obituary, it stated that his body was "taken by train to Henderson Minnesota, for burial."

As written in Tom Peever's biography on the Pioneer Page his first marriage was to Agnes Rice. Agnes Rice was a granddaughter of J.R. Brown and his wife Susan Frenier Brown.

Susan Brown died at their son Sam Brown's house in Browns Valley and is buried in St. Mary's Episcopal cemetery at Old Agency near Peever. However, her husband is buried with the Rice family.That is where Agnes was buried and where Tom was laid beside her in an unmarked grave.

Thanks to these helpful people at the historical society and cemetery board at Henderson we were able to find the records: Arlene Busse and Carmen and Stanley Wigand.

This library was once St. Jude's Church where T.H. Peever married Agnes Rice.

Maple leaf season in Minnesota is beautiful

Caleb Jarman is looking at J.R. Brown's headstone

J.R. Brown also has this tall monument in the cemetery that bears his name. .


This is the C.S. Rice house which is up the street from the museum. It is where Agnes (Rice) Peever and her sister Rose, Mrs. Samson Renville, lived.

Peever Visitors

Stanley and Carmen Wigand, two of our helpful Henderson friends, are having coffee at Chars on a trip to Peever.

Peever Headstone

The headstone that the Community of Peever and others contributed funds toward that it might be placed in the Brown cemetery. Agnes Peever's small marble stone was removed and this was centered over both graves. 

Henderson Museum

The day of the dedication of the Peever headstone several folks from the area drove to Henderson to attend.. Audrey Elrite, Edith Nigg, Luella Robbins, Alpha Behrns, Dale and Elnora Kempton, Valerie and Ryan Hill, Larry Lekness and Al and Char Jarman. Also present from Minnesota were Phillip and Gayle Jarman of Cokato, Frank and Michelle Jarman and sons of Hutchinson, and Bill and Jessie Jarman and Tyler of Bloomington.

The ceremony was conducted by the LeSueur MN Masonic Lodge and the Henderson and Peever people.

Dedication Day Lunch

After the ceremony a delicious lunch was served to everyone by the Henderson folks. This is the special cake they had made for us. After lunch the Saurkraut Days parade was held.

This is the entry that Peever brought to the parade. Valerie Hill and Larry Lekness assembled the float and drove the vehicle. Ryan Hill is shown riding on the trailer with the miniature Peever buildings. The lettering said: "The Joseph R. Brown Heritage Trail..The Henderson Peever Connection."


Photos by Elnora Kempton