I am Char Jarman and I would like to welcome you to our Peever Community History website.

Since the year 2001 was our town's centennial we have become very interested in the stories of our pioneers . Who were they?..Where did they came from..and what did they do here? Did they stay? Did they move on? Where are they buried?

For 29 months before the actual celebration a small group of us put together a publication that we named "The Peever Pilot 2001". In it we had new and old news and we always had a pioneer story that our readers were kind enough to provide us.

It seemed a good idea now to put these stories and other history of our community on the internet where they might be read by others than our own local citizens.

Our centennial celebration was a great success . It was held from the 29th of June through July 1. God blesssed us with the lovliest weather of the entire summer and that helped to make it all the more special.

And so with these pages our intent is to honor those hardy souls who ventured to South Dakota and made their homes in this beautiful valley below the Coteau Des Prairies. The homesteaders, the merchants, the professional men and women, and last but not least our own Sisseton Wahpeton People of whom many also became businessmen and farmers.........we salute you!