This building was built in 2000 with funds matched by a man who was raised in Peever and wanted to do something special for his old home town.

The late Floyd Nelson was a contractor who had lived in California for many years. His parents were Victor and Mary Nelson who were business people and raised their family in Peever.

Floyd's only request was that the building be named for his parents and that there be a room set aside as a game room to play cards or pool.

The center has a large well furnished kitchen that makes serving convenient. The auditorium is equipped with a fine sound system and 250 people can be easily seated. There are 30 tables that can be set up or folded and stored out of the way.

These are some of the events that have been held in the center so far. Birthday parties, weddings, a funeral, family reunions, a confirmation, benefits, anniversaries, many jamborees, card parties, church services and bazaars, fund raisers of various kinds, and the Bash of 2002. It was full of people during the centennial of course. The Peever Alumni banquet was held there as well as many other of the centennial events.

This facility is available for rent for your special occasions.

For information call:

605 -932 -3510


605- 932 -3641