Early 1900's

Moving pictures at Bailly's Opera House Saturday night. Admission 10 and 15 cents.

Baillys gave their first moving picture show in their new theatre Thursday night.

A new homestead law has gone into effect whereby a 640 acre homestead can be taken for grazing purposes.

Big reduction sale at the Farmer's Variety Store

Leave orders with A.L. Casey for masquerade suits.

The dining room at the Palace Hotel has been tastefully decorated in Christmas colors and presents a festive appearance.

The local banks held their semi-annual director's meetings on Tuesday, Dec. 13. at which time disposition was made of their year's profits, and plans made for the coming year.

Call on J. Stefflre for your sleighs and cutters.


Miller Peterson hauled in three loads of wheat with his gas tractor from his farm on Wednesday. Each wagon containing about 75 bushels. On his return he loaded his wagons up with coal. Mr. Peterson lives in the hills about 10 miles west of here.

A.L. Aney has begun laying the foundation for an annex to the Palace Hotel. The annex will be 16 feet wide, 40 feet deep and two stories high, making the Palace about twice as large as it is now.When Mr. Aney has steam heat and a water system put in the building, Peever then will have a better hotel than is found in cities having three times the population of our town.

Monday morning, being the first day of spring, Aney Bros. were out delivering ice, which is unusually early for the ice season to begin.

The New Meat Market has installed a new ice box in their shop. the ice box was taken in by sections and as the parts were too large to be carried through the doors, a part of the wall was sawed out to make room.



There will be a merry go round in Peever on May 17th.

Case plows and harrows at Murray and Co.

Joe Stefflre was a passenger on the train to Sisseton Monday night.

SH Renville was in Granite Falls on business the first of the week.

Lara Hegna is again behind the counter at Han's new store.
H.O. Swenson returned Saturday from his trip to Hancock ,MN.

Mr. And Mrs. Dean Read visited at the J.C. O'Bryan home Sunday.

Mrs. C. Kurrasch is up and around again after a relapse of her former illness.

John Fredrich has installed a new chopping block in his meat market.

The wind storm of last week took a fan or two out of CJ Rices's windmill and gave it a slight twist.

Alex Bailly and family left for Ortonville where Mr. Bailly will consult with Dr. Kern on the matter of his health.

The dance given at Swenson's hall Saturday evening was well attended there being about 15 couples present. The music was fine and all report a good time.
In the afternoon there will be ball games, horse races, blueberry pie eating contests, wrestling match, women's nail driving contest, and a tug of war between Indians and whites at Peever May 17th.

The farmer's telephone meeting last Saturday was not large but very entusiastic. The farmers decided to send for poles, wires and other apparatus. They intend to set the poles after seeding, so the line will be ready before harvest.

CJ Rice's carload of lumber arrived and he is busy unloading same. Mr. Rice intends to remodel his present house by making it higher and installing modern fixtures.


To the people of Peever and vicinity…

We wish to hereby announce that we the undersigned have purchased the the stock of the late Mr. TH Peever and in a few days we will have a full line of spring goods, shoes and men's furnishing. Yes, in fact everything belonging to an up to date general store.If there is anything you need in our line be sure not to forget us and we will do our best to please you…..Respectfully…Jurgens and Beck.

A very fine wood wheel truck at Murray and Co….$35.00

Miss Ethel Bloomhall has been ill with a sore throat this week

1915 Continued

Barker Van Erdan, who worked the past winter for J.F. Fredrich severed his connections with the butcher shop and now is employed by O.R. Aney. John Johnson has taken his place at the meat market.

Tom Richards with several dogs returned Saturday evening from Hyman,S.C. where he had spent the winter training the dogs for quail hunting. The same New York parties that came here for prairie chickens were with him part of the time quail hunting.

Gunder Hynne finished breaking sod for A.W. Anderson on Wednesday.

Early 1900's

Moving pictures at Bailly's Opera House Saturday night. Admission 10 and 15 cents.

Baillys gave their first moving picture show in their new theatre Thursday night.

A new homestead law has gone into effect whereby a 640 acre homestead can be taken for grazing purposes.


It is reported on good authority that the Fairmount and Veblen branch of the Soo will make some needed improvements in the spring shortening it's line by cutting through the hills enroute.

Andrew Tuff is assisting in A. Halland's store during the Christmas rush.

R. L. Hensel and Bert Bloomhall have purchased an outfit and are busy threshing east of town.

J.H. Bailey and S.H. Malm's new Case threshing outfit arrived and was unloaded Wednesday.

An automatic cupola scale was installed in the Farmers Elevator Tuesday, which is a very decided improvement.

N.P. Ildvad has accepted the position of manager of the McKeever elevator and is busy getting things in shape. Pete is a good faithful worker and ought to make a good man for the place.

Alec Murray and crew built a granary for S.A. Knight east of town this week.

The first car of new wheat to be shipped from here this season went out from the Farmers Elevator Wednesday. it came from the Alfred Nelson farm, averaged twenty bushels per acre and graded No. 1 Northern.