Back row...Fleeta, Leroy, Sylvan, Gilbert, Florence

Front...Germaine, Samson, Uarda, Rose and Juanita

Samson and Rose Renville lived in Peever in the early days when the town was started. They were a busy couple keeping a business and raising a large family. I am going to copy an article from the Wilmot enterprise to begin our portrait of the Renvilles. This was written at the time of their 55th anniversary celebration. The date of the newspaper was September 18, 1947.

"In the picture above is the likeness of Mr. and Mrs. Samson Renville, honored and respected residents of Agency Township, and their fine family taken some time ago. On September 10, the couple observed their 55th wedding anniversary and a large number of neighbors and other friends were well represented at a gathering at their home in Agency township to extend greetings and good wishes. All report having enjoyed the afternoon visiting and the lunch served. Mr. and Mrs. Renville were the recipients of numerous gifts and a purse of money. Frank Dudeck of Peever made the presentation with suitable remarks.

Mr. and Mrs. Samson Renville were married at Wilmot on September 10, 1892 by the late Judge JJ Batterson. At the time both were employed as clerks at the same store at Sisseton Agency. They continued to lived at the Agency and were employed there until 1898, when they purchased a store and assumed the duties of postmaster at Keller, a new town which was started just north of where Peever now stands. Keller went out of existence when Peever was founded. In 1901 Mr. and Mrs. Renville moved their store to Peever, where they were actively engaged in business until about 20 years ago when they retired to their old homestead in Agency Township.

Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Renville. One died in infancy, and a married daughter, Daisy, passed away several years ago. Only one of the children, Gilbert, and family of Buchton, Kans. was able to be home for the happy event. The rest had visited their parents earlier so as to bring happiness and contentment to them throughout the summer months.

The other children are: Mrs. A.F. (fleeta) Rabe of St. Petersburg, Fla., Mrs. M.M. (Florence) Young of Casper, Wyo., Mrs. R.A. (Germaine) Williams of Denver, Colo., Leroy of Denver, Mrs. R.M. (Juanita) Chase of San Diego, Calif., Mrs. R.A. (Uarda) Kier of Strahon, Iowa, and Sylvan of Peever.

Mr. and Mrs. Renville are friendly people and number their friends by all who know them. They have reared and educated a wonderful family of boys and girls, of whom they are justly proud, their pride being shared by the community. They have lived a long and useful life and are enjoying a well-earned rest on the old farm south of Old Agency.

The Enterprise joins their wide circle of friends in wishing them many more happy anniversaries."


Samson Horace Renville was born June 27, 1870 in Agency Township, Roberts County. He was a son of Gabriel Renville who was the last of the appointed chiefs of the Sisseton-Wahpeton tribe. His mother was Anna Tukantiomaninvin.

Rose was born Rosanna Douden Rice, In 1874, a daughter of C.S. and Lydia (Brown) Rice of Henderson, MN. Her maternal grandparents were Major J.R. Brown and Susan (Frenier) Brown.

They both taught in the government school in Goodwill Township, later moving to Keller and then to Peever where they figured largely in early day history of our town.

Their grandson, Delano Renville, a son of Sylvan and Flora, shared with us a few memories of his grandparents. how he enjoyed going out to the farm to stay with them. The children would have to help with chores around the place and he especially remembers cutting wood with a cross cut saw.

Samson and Rose were honored in Peever's 50th celebration as the grand marshals of the parade. Many of us remember that day well..

They are buried in the Catholic cemetery in Sisseton. Rose was 85 when when she died in 1959 and Samson lived to the age of 90 when he passed away in 1961.

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