After the Centennial the videos of various events were edited and copied. There are two separate videos. One contains the parade and other portions of the outside events. The other is a full length video of the play "Profoundly Peever" and the fashion show that preceded it on Sunday afternoon.

Profoundly Peever was an hour long musical comedy based on the history of Peever. It was co- written and directed by Valerie Hill, Char Jarman and Lindsey Dumire. The cast of over thirty actors and singers was made up of mostly Peever and Sisseton folks.

The fashion show was a fascinating hour long production directed by Janinne Gerber, Lois Herniman and Darlene Iverson with piano music by Kim Lawrence. The clothes were donated and worn by friends and family with bits of history included by the narrators.

The cost of the videos is $18.00 each and that includes the postage. If you are in Peever you can stop at Chars and buy one for $15.00. When writing to us please specify which video you would like.

Send to.. Peever Community Club

Box 1, Peever, SD 57257

For more information email Char from Home Page


If you love country music you will like to hear the tape that was made of one of the Peever Jamborees recently. Eldon Lawrence and his son Derrick were the master minds behind the recording, editing and copying of this cassette.

The price is $14.00 which includes mailing, or you may pick one up at Chars Cafe for $12.00.

Be sure to go to Nowadays Page and check on the dates of the Peever Jamborees this winter. We usually have one each month. There is also a link that will take you to a page where you can meet some of the players.

Send to..Peever Community Club

Box 1, Peever SD 57257

For more information email Char from Home Page