By his daughter Arlene Hanson

Dad was born August 30, 1909 to William and Christine Schrader. He married Lena Dew who was my mother. I was born on January 15, 1930. Mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis and had to go to a sanitarium, where she passed away.

Dad and I lived with my grandparents for a number of years before he married Frances Buttke in 1937.

Janice was born on July 11, 1945. At the time of this writing they have seven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Dad worked for Ben Goodhart in Browns Valley for six or eight years, but he kept getting laid off during the winter. then he worked for a blacksmith in Beardsley, Lester Moore, for part of a year. Then to Peever in 1942.

They lived in Johnny Fredrich's mother's house at first. that was at the end of main street near the Tuff's Garage-gas station. Later they moved to a small house where the Hove's lived after the folks moved out. finally they moved to the farm and house at the north end of Peever main street. they lived there for a year and then decided to buy it.

He opened up the blacksmith shop next to the fire station and then a jail before Dad took it over and it became the blacksmith shop.

In 1943 he closed the shop in winter and went to Richmond, CA to work in the shipyards. he came back in spring but did the same thing the next winter.

Dad hired occasional help when he got busy. Ernest Karst, Francis Karst and Russell Hanson were some of the part time help that worked for Dad. Art Carlson worked for him the longest of anyone. dad was only able to pay Art .50 an hour when he first started. Dad was involved in the betterment of Peever and was mayor for a time.

Dad farmed, raised cattle, milked cows, besides doing blacksmithing. Mom usually helped milk cows. After supper he would go back to the shop to sharpen plow lays until nearly midnight. This schedule was kept up regularly six days a week. He only took Sundays off.

In 1959 he closed his shop for a final time. An auction was held for the the equipment and livestock and household items. Then he moved Mother and Janice to Richmond, CA. He worked as a welder for a spring shop and then for a cemetery as a grave digger and caretaker. Dad has such a soft heart so that job was difficult for him.

Eventually he found another job in a blacksmith shop that was more to his liking. This was in North Highlands and he worked there until his retirement.

Dad now enjoys drafting various wood and wrought iron pieces in his garage/blacksmith shop. he takes great pride in his garden, lawns and fruit trees. the folks still enjoy their yearly trip back to the Peever area to see family and friends.